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This page hosts the information for Computer Science students who completed the Congressional App Challenge 2016
They want it to reach as many people, who might need it, as possible.
The app helps students who have difficulty speaking by allowing them press/click a button to say common phrases

The students won Oregons Second District - Greg Walden and are heading to #houseofcode in DC.
A special thanks to the following people/companies for supporthing this trip


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View the Code

Read the code or even use it to make your own site (if only to personalize it).
Click Here

Makey Makey Information

For connections (configuration):
First two pages -> up is next, space changes selection
Last two pages -> up is item 1, down is item 2, right is item 3, left is item 4, space changes selection

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Note - the Web App has a delay for each word the first time to download it. The Chrome App does not have the delay.
Gender Selection Page -> Select the gender of the voice and click/touch next
Response Selection Page -> Select Answers (1-4,A-D, True/False) or Remarks (Help, Requests) and click/touch next
Response Pages -> Top row selects category, click/touch to change or use the next button. Click/Touch word to "say" it

Video Coming Soon