Kiosk Internet Website Mode

Last updated 2016
Currently there are two Kiosk apps. One website mode and one webpage mode (in production).
The website mode is to keep a user locked down anywhere on a website. The webpage locks the user even further down to just that one page.

Website Mode

This app allows Chrome Device Owners to set a website in Kiosk mode. The user will be stuck on that website. They will be able to navigate around the website but if they ever click a link that does not contain the website that was entered at the beginning (i.e. a different website), they will be redirected to the initial site. There is also back navigation and a return to home (initial site).

Step - 1 Simply enter the app in Kiosk mode and type in the site you want the user to stay on.
Step - 2 Laugh as they are now stuck on the site that was typed.

-You can keep them deeper on the site just by adding more of the address. Example, will give them access to the whole site while will keep them only on the makey section of the website.
-You will see a home and next at the top, if you do not then the students are not in the app and just used fullscreen after entering the Chromebook normally.
-Yes, the students will have to type it everytime, but if it is a short URL it will not be that bad, plus they don't need to log on to the Chromebook. If it is a long URL I do have the code to let your IT department make their own single site app.

If you are a teacher looking to keep your students on one site such as a typing website then this app is for you. If your state already has a Kiosk app for their state test then your IT probably knows how to add this app to your Chromebooks.

* Update 0.3 - added support for certain pop-ups and new tabs. Layman terms, some links that didn't work before will now work