PiDMP - A Digital Media Presenter for your Raspberry Pi

Last updated 2015
Turn your Pi into a Digital Sign

This Project is still in beta
To sum it up, the Pi runs its own webserver and uses a super simple website to control the Pi's display (DISPLAY 0:0)
It currently supports .PPS, .ODP, .MP4, .MPV and RTMP streaming. It will also loop the videos if so desired.

To install the system there are two options.
1) Compile the code from GitHub Repository (this has been tested on Pi B+ and Pi 2)
2) Download an image and image an SD card with a complete working system

Everything you need to compile the code is on github, so this will focus on the imaging
Download the image Pi B+ or Pi 2 (not created yet)

Download WinDiskImager
Google it

Do Linuxy stuff

Isn't that what Mac support is for

**Final Configuration**
-If you are going to use WiFi you need to set it up (Menu-> Preferences -> WiFi Config)
-Download tightvnc client (Java program for both x11 and vncserver) to remote onto the Pi (Putty works well, too)
-You will actually need to start these programs (xllvnc port 5900 display 0 and vncserver port 5901 display 1)
-Use ifconfig to either get the IP address (which should change) or the Mac address so you can set it via DHCP
-You can also change the upload size (my default is 10) by going to /etc/php5/apache2/php5.ini and finding 'upload'

#Known issues (hey its free)
-Videos have a split second delay between refresh (so far that is the nature of omxplayer on a Pi, I have heard "they" are working on it)
-Users have to set up the Presentations very specifically or it will not loop correctly (although directions are on the page with templates)
-Since the website runs scripts that don't actually finish, most of the time you don't get the page that tells you it worked (so you get a pop up that says move along).
-There is no scheduling at this point.

-Did I mention it was free...
-Setting up the presentation is actually easier than the current system we are using (but it is new)
-Easy set up
-You can remotely see what you are displaying (something we can't do on our current system)
-The Raspberry Pi is cheap
-The streaming option is pretty awesome when you want one TV to display a game in the gym out at the consession stand.