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Last updated Oct 2017   Web App - Code - Directions
This page hosts the information for Computer Science students who completed the Congressional App Challenge 2017
They wanted to make an app that would help agricultural industry/education.
The app helps users monitor their greenhouses remotely.
Designed to be paired with a Raspberry Pi to retrieve the tempature and humidity.


Try the App

Hosting Site One    
You can use as a static json file for testing.

View the Code

Read the code or even use it to make your own site (if only to personalize it).
Click Here


Use a device (Raspberry Pi or like) to retrieve the temperature and humidity and format it as following:


Have the device upload the file to a server the app can connect to.

On the App:
Enter the location of the json file with you temperature and humidity.
Enter your zip code.
Click the initialize button.
Enjoy up to date climate readings...